Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jena Yates and Gregg Rigby Wedding continued...

Here's a few pictures of the trees, the pictures were a bit blurry, but no problem you can still see how great they turned out!

Jena wanted to decorate Rylie's chair...Rylie was the best flower girl ever!!  We wanted her to ride up the aisle in style and I think Rylie approved of her new "RIDE".  I wanted to let her have the petals and flowers but not to have to hold them, she did fabulous!  Here's the front and back view.

We wanted to make something fun for the guests to help Rylie throw the petals, so we came up with these packets of petals with the pink and brown note that said "Rylie would love for you to help toss the petals for Jena".  We placed the packets on the chairs along the aisle.  It was fun and added a bit of color to the aisle.

Jena Yates and Gregg Rigby Wedding

                    Jena and Gregg's cute candy table, they had such a cute idea with the pink and brown candy!

We did these flower arrangements in light pink and white spray roses, I thought that they turned out really great and we came up with the alternative idea the night before!

This is a glimpse of what the aisle looked like just before the wedding.  The flower ball trees turned out great.  I have posted an earlier version, but the real thing turned out so much better!

Fun Flowers

Loni and Jason Clark Wedding flowers

Fun arrangements for the tellers at Key Bank