Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Flowers

So the arrangement in the brown box was for my Grandma (hospital visit number 2 in a month!).  The flower ball (one of my favorite things!) is for Viv and Kevin Dyslin's wedding.  We are decorating with a few shades of red.  Although carnations aren't usually my favorite flower, they add a lot of texture to the flower ball and I'm now a fan!

Some fun flower arrangements

These are some flower arrangements that I've made the last few weeks.  The bouquet with the sunflowers was for Natalie King Talbot, it was really fun to use some fun colors and lots of variety of flowers.  The other arrangements have some cymbidium orchids (a bouquet and  submerged stem).  Some hydrangeas (one of my favorite flowers and red roses with a bit of bear grass.