Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chantell Welch and Joel Robbins Photos

Chantell and Joel are so cute together!  I have known Chantell forever!  I think that she makes one of the most beautiful brides!!  I love the bouquet, it was really fun to design.  These photos aren't edited, so some of the color may not be "real" until a bit later when I can make a few fixes.  I just wanted to share a few... I couldn't believe how gorgeous the sky was at the Temple!  The other shots are from the Riter Mansion.


Ashley said...

so beautiful. i think the bouquet is pretty. have fun at the wedding. are you going to be doing their reception or anything else for the wedding.

Chantell & Joel said...

ZOMG! Imposters! Haha.

- Chantell Morera and Joel Pedraza (Miami, FL)