Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tyson and Gentry's wedding day!

This wedding was Beautiful! I loved all of the flowers, they were so fun to do and there were a TON of them! Gentry had a lot of fun things in mind and we were able to make it all work. Enjoy! There are some hanging flower boxes (my personal favorite) and they were awesome, I loved how they turned out.

Gentry's bouquet:
Two of these were hanging inside the tent with tons of white paper lanterns in between
This is the wristlet that we did for the sisters and bridesmaids, after the flower serves it's purpose, you can cut the section holding the flower off and have a bracelet, kind of fun!

There were 8 square boxes that were hanging around the backyard, all with different designs.

This was in the arch where the bridal party stood.
These balls were hanging right under the arch/bench where the bridal party stood to greet guests.
A better idea of how it looked

Here's a closer view of the centerpieces, they were so cute!

These boxes were for the luncheon which turned out so cute, tons of pink, black and lime green!

There were two boxes that were hanging right as the guests walked into the reception on either side of an arch, these were my favorite! The boxes are 1 foot across and 2 feet long, sooo cute!

The cute cake, sitting on limes with the boxes that had the T and the G initials hanging next to it.
close up of the wrist corsage.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gentry's Bridal Picture Bouquet

Gentry's bridal Picture Bouquet:
Gerber daisies, Cymbidium orchids, fern curls, ranunculus, freesia, calla lilies, roses and green buttons:

Jill and Josh Leavitt's wedding flowers

Josh and Jill had their guests ride to the luncheon in this wagon (nothing compared to what they rode in... see below).

These were the centerpieces along the family style tables

Each of the pillars had an arrangement hanging on it

One view of the "flower shop"  we did 17 table arrangements and 10 pillar arrangements
The Weston Girls!  Jill, Margo and Judy all came and did the flowers.  It was so fun to have them there to help and I appreciated that I didn't have to stay up all night, which would have been the case, I'm sure!
The Picture signing Table
Another Pillar arrangement
A view of the tables...
Jill and her sweet ride!  Jill's bouquet was very unique!  I made a "lopsided" bouquet... a combination of cascading and a clutch bouquet.  We had a few types of orchids to work with which helped it out.  Jill even knew how "Type A" I am, but I think it turned out fabulous!
A great view of the bridal bouquet, and the Franklin!