Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Pictures of Ashley and Thad's Reception

This is a shot overlooking the backyard so you can see the setup of Ashley & Thad's reception. It helps you see what the flowers actually added, Lots of Red!!
These lined the path to lead people in the right direction. Candles didn't stay lit, just added the effect...the wind was so crazy all night!
This is the entrance with the 2 large arrangements...
This is the book table where Ashley's friends helped to put the photo booth pictures into her book.
These were the arrangements that we put on every third fence post, they helped tie in the black, red roses and the buckle. I think they helped add a little something...
If you look closely, you can see the vases with lights that we had hanging in the trees. also on the back walkway, we had vases with black sand and red Mokara orchid stems.
This is just a view of the line and the beautiful arbor flowers...
This is a better view of the center where all of the refreshments were, not as blurry as the previous post.
This is the centerpiece with the runners. I think that they were so beautiful on the tables. They even withstood the winds!
Ashley had 3 high tables, and we did arrangements that were just a small version of the tall ones for the other tables. Ashley's flowers were beautiful!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hilary and Clint's wedding

This is a view from the back of the seating at the Riverwoods.
View of the Gazebo where they were married...
One of the pillar arrangements
Close-up of the hanging Gerber daisies
There were 10 of these that were placed around the ceremony area
Bridal bouquet and bridesmaid's bouquets...
Hilary's bouquet:
Gerber daisies, roses, freesia, wax flower are the flowers that I used.
These were used at her reception...

Some of Ashley and Thad's wedding reception...

If you haven't seen the renovation of the Temple grounds in Logan, here is something to look forward too...

Ashley made the best of the situation and joined in the fun!
Here's a view of the fountain area... now you'll understand the photos!

There were two of these arrangements when you walked into the reception

This has to be my favorite arch that I have ever done (actually Nicole and Susie did the flowers). Ashley didn't want the "droopy" look and we couldn't really find any pictures for what she wanted. So we decided to do a band of roses that was simple but a big statement! I think it turned out beautiful!!! We also were able to hang a plexiglass box of candles that were lit for the wedding reception, it looked really elegant!
A close-up view of the roses on the arbor...
This isn't the best picture in the world, but it shows what Ashley's centerpieces looked like...
This is under the pavilion, we lit it with the Italian style lights. You can also see the plexiglass boxes that were hung under the pavilion. We couldn't keep them lit because of the dang wind that night. They looked cool none the less! You can also see on the fence, there were arrangements that were wrapped like Ashley's bouquet and had the same buckle on them to tie everything together.

Sorry about the blurry picture, but this gives an idea of what the center looked like where her food was served.
Under the arbor that people walked in under... the flowers are orchids and they were also strung on fishing line behind the pavilion to provide a curtain behind the cake and picture tables.

I have more pictures on another camera, so when they are available, I will update it better! The wedding reception was amazing!!

Heejung and Tyler's Wedding

These were the stands at the Old Rock Church, we wanted to spread the flowers out around the Church for the wedding ceremony
This is a view of the entrance to the ceremony. We used the large arrangement on the picture table at the luncheon.
We also put the vases up the stairs where Heejung walked down. The flowers in the hanging vases also doubled for the centerpieces at the luncheon.
This is the tent in the backyard with all the tables and centerpieces setup. We added the Lanterns to make it a little more decorated, it helped add the colors throughout the yard along with the chair ties.
We added these to the patio where the food was served
This lined the path to the backyard where the luncheon was held.
The centerpieces (they were also the arrangements in the hanging vases for the ceremony)

Since the luncheon was in the heat of the day, we made fans for the guests to use if they wanted. I think that they turned out cute and were great party favors too.