Monday, August 29, 2011

Its been a while-- We've been busy!

In the next few posts, you'll see what we've been up to!

LOVE the stripes!

a little bit modern... Black callas-

Only using one kind of flower is a new challenge we haven't really had before... Victoria wanted the black callas only so we had a little brainstorming to do.  We tried a few vases and ended up deciding on the tall "champagne" type vase- and added a bit of lily grass to add a different element without taking from the callas... I thought it turned out quite nice!

Vintage blue Mason Jars- filled with green and white flowers

This wedding luncheon had some great ideas that were very easy and fun.  The photos were hung from a twine using clothes pins.  We secured 3M hooks to help us hang the line which turned out very cute!

The goal was a family barbecue feel- wouldn't we all love this much thought at all of our family dinners?!

the candles really made the blue Mason jars look great!

Thanks to the great people who helped us find all of our blue Mason Jars- who knew Logan would have so many blue antique jars?!  This cute lady and her husband were working in their antique shop when I was searching and she offered to sell me all that she had- I must have either looked very desperate or like I was going to do some serious bottling of fruit...either way it was fun.

Beautiful Summer colors with unique flower choices...

Chelsea's sister made her wedding cake- Beautiful!!  We used 3 different sized vases as the stands.

green, cream, black and Corral... a fun summer combination!

I'm waiting for a photo to add, Katie and Alex rode off on a scooter!  So cute - she jumped on, wedding gown, bouquet and all!

Katie wanted to add a bit of black but not too much so she found this scrapbook paper that we wrapped the vases in... 

Vintage for more professional photos later!

These photos don't do justice to the amazing details of Cole and Jessica's wedding!  Jessica (from Jessica's Photography) and Cole had every little detail planned out and had so many fun ideas!  Cole and Jessica refinished all of the furniture and gathered the vases... I didn't count but I would guess at least 100!

Enjoy some of the details and watch for photos later from the real professional photographer!!